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Thread: Performed box squats for the first time today...

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    Performed box squats for the first time today...

    And I'm impressed. Actually, today was a bunch of firsts...I started on my first powerlifting-type cycle, and began using the power style of squatting for the first time.

    The first thing I noticed about using the box was that I was in control of the movement. Previously, in my regular squats, I would simply drop into the hole and heave my way back out again, often coming up on my toes. With the wider stance, lower bar (still getting used to that), and the 'sit-back' motion, I felt in control on the way down. Granted, I was using a light weight-145 lbs-but I've never felt so tight and 'in the groove.'

    I was worried at first that the moment I touched the box my spine would compress in on itself, but the 'sit-back' motion along with a good arch made it actually, well, comfortable. (Can you imagine that...squat and comfortable in the same sentence?) I sat for a moment, then flexed my way up, and felt my hamstrings and glutes engage, something I hadn't really felt with regular squats before.

    Needless to say, I'm hooked. Monday I'll be trying box squats with heavy (for me) weight...let's hope that session goes just as well. My lower back is a tad sore, as are my hips, but it's not killing me like regular squats sometimes would.

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