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Thread: Injured shoulder....need suggestions while I heal

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    Injured shoulder....need suggestions while I heal

    Hurt my shoulder at work, not while working out.

    Doctor is waiting to see if it's just inflamed or if he thinks I tore something. Will see in a week if I need to go get MRI, and perhaps more.

    Best case scenario I'm golden in a week or so. Worst, I tore something and have to get my shoulder rebuilt. Out for months.

    I've already been out of the gym for most of this last week and am going to start doing just my leg day.

    Can I do a leg day twice a week? If this turns out to be a 6-8 week fix, is there something else suggested?

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    leg twice a week is fine
    there really isn't anything you can do with your shoulder out for you upper body
    just rest and wait your doctors suggestion
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    I hurt my shoulder in football two years ago. I didn't go into intense rehab cause I'm a tuff guy, but its been giving me problems ever since. This summer, I had to stop benching because my shoulder couldn't take it, and I hadn't been able to hold the bar to squat forever.
    I got surgery on my shoulder on December 7th, 2005. Now I'm commited to rehab it and not return to lifting until I'm reading.
    So my advice is take care of your injury, but be careful when doing compound movements like squats and deads until you know your shoulder can handle it.


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