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Thread: Some specific cutting question's.

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    Some specific cutting question's.

    At this point i need to start cutting.

    How do I take in the protien I need to maintain muscle without getting all the calories of a shake or power bar? Do I still need all that protien.

    and the other question

    What are some good cutting excersizes to add? Not crazy about running...
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    You could get your protein from meats like turkey that don't have many calories. But some protein shakes have only 100 calories per scoop with about 20 grams of protein. That doesn't seem like too much to me. You still need the same amount of protein I believe to maintain the muscle that you've gained.

    Not really sure about other good exercises. You'll surely get some good exercises from other posters. This is a very smart community trust me.
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    Yes, you need that protein more than ever. I'd recommend protein dense foods that are low in calories. Tuna and Cottage Cheese are great. You could always take some protein powder and just mix it with water, or if that's too gross a glass of oj or something.

    I'll let someone else answer the bit about cutting exercises...
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    I would suggest begin by cutting calories from carbs.

    As far as exercises go I would add 10-15minutes of SS cardio after you lift and on off days some type of GPP for you cardio, perhaps followed by 10-15min os SS cardio.

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    thanks and GPP is pretty much the same thing as HIIT right? What is the difference?

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