Hi I just registered to be a member for wbb. I have been reading a lot these past couple of months on routines/diets/supplements but I still feel I could use some help on my routine.

I'm 19 years old, 6'5 195.

I'm playing basketball right now so I try to keep away from lifting legs. I really want to keep them fresh so I like to stick with upperbody.

I Lift 3 times a week. I would lift more but I don't want to overtrain muscles going back to back days.

-This is my routine I usually do when I go to the gym.. 3 sets each
-barbell bench
-db incline
-db press
-seated row
-machine fly's
-barbell curl
-skull crushers
-back extensions

-No explode
-On 100% why protein 3 shakes daily. 2scoops a shake.

When I go I usually like to get most my upper body done in 1 session. Once bball is over I will get back into the routine of doing squats/cleans/leg curl/extensions etc. and working on the legs.

Basically when I go really like to work arms and chest the most. I'm looking for help on my routine. I think this is an ok routine. I think I could break it up into a chest/back arms/shoulder. I can find time in all 7 days of the week to workout. I really have a desire to work hard to better my body. I am trying to bulk right now but it has been pretty hard for me to put on weight. I'm trying to overeat to compensate the running.

Any help/ideas on a routine or splitting up my routine, adding more lifts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!