worked on arms today:

3 sets of 6 @ 50lbs (added 20 lbs in a little over two weeks)
delt raises
3 sets of 8 2 70 lbs (added 30 lbs in a little over two weeks)
skull crushers
3 sets of 6 @ 40 lbs (just starting skull crushers, used to do triceps pushdowns @ 90lbs when i had gym membership)

about adding weight; just getting back into my routine, after taking five months off, due to financial and emotional reasons.

meals today:

breakfast ;
4 large eggs 280 cals
two slices bread 160 cals
milk 120 cals = 560 calories total

12 oz ronco thin spaghetti 1260 cals
can green giant mushrooms (mixed with spaghetti) 90 cals
ice water
1350 calories total

two slices pork 360 calories
two slices bread 160 calories
chocolate milk 160 calories
680 calories total

dinner (7:00)
two chopped ham sandwiches (with cheese, no mayo) 720 calories
slice of pork 180 calories
ice water
900 calories total


two hamburgers, ketchup, no bread, no cheese
210 calories
ice water
210 calories total

3710 calories over 5 meals; might eat more if i get hungry again.