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Thread: Would You Use Gear If???

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    juice me up

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    I wish I would have posted this as a poll...

    I wasn't expecting the split between yes and no, in fact I was going to orignally post "wouldn't it be great if..."

    For me, I would have to say yes. Not because I want to be huge, or would want to do massive cycles, but as a supplement so I was getting the most out of the work I'm putting in at the gym.
    If you re-read the original post it wasn't just about gear, but training diet and supervision of your training.

    There are so many ways to second guess your training, hell just look at the various opinions on this board. I think it would be cool to be able to have a trained professional (whole other thread as to what makes a "trained professional") set up training, diet, cycles, and monitor your health to help optimise your gains. Of course the real way to make this work would be to also lift you out of your normal stress filled life and run the program as a BB camp or something.
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