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Thread: is this the correct style of lifting?

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    is this the correct style of lifting?

    Hey everyone I am a new user and this is my first post. I just began to lift again this month. I am 18 years old, around 6'2 and about 200lbs. I am not sure of my exact body fat percentage but i think it is around 17%. I am not noticeably chubby, but you can notice it w/o a shirt. I want to lose my fat and gain muscle. I want to lose my man boobs and turn my semi gut into a 6 pack. I was told to do all of my exercises between 12-15 reps, to interval running and not eat fatty things. Is this the right approach, and does anyone know of any good exercises? I apologize if this post is rather lengthy.

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    that is all wrong pretty the stickies around the site to learn what you need to know, also....
    1. Lift heavy and train in a lower rep range than 12-15, anywhere from 3-10 should be fine
    2. Cardio is not something required to lose weight but can help, weights should be your main focus
    3. Fat is good (read up on it to learn more), learn to track cals on, and figure out how much you are eating now, then start eating 500 cals less each day
    4. Best exercises you can do are Squats, Deadlifts and Bench, search on net for proper form
    5. do not bother posting again until you have at least read some of the stickies throughout this site
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    No, that's not the right approach. LOL. Some personal trainer told you to do that though, right?


    Okay, first thing. You need to get a handle on your eating. Go to and enter your food for a few days. Run a report and take the average, post up your macros (grams of protein, carb and fat, and total calories) and we'll have a look (do NOT bother posting up what you're eating without doing this. Nobody will look)

    A few gentle words of advice - rely upon diet for weight loss. Lift heavy to convince your body to hang onto the muscle so you drop fat instead. A little bit of cardio will help your heart and will create a bit of a caloric deficit so you get to eat slightly more while you do this.

    Welcome to the board.

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    Hi there.

    I was contemplating bypassing this thread and going about my duties, but something stopped me. Be thankful.

    So want to lose fat and get bigger, stronger and healthier? Cool.

    First, you need to get your diet straight. Without a good diet, you are going to go nowhere at all.


    You need to eat wholesome, unprocessed foods, you know, the stuff made by nature, in order to efficiently achieve your goals. Lots of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and good fat. Fat, you say? YES, FAT.

    Fat has been unfairly demonised by modern society, when, in fact, it is a very, very important part of a diet. It makes dieting easier, by essentially helping you (A) stay full, (B) hold onto muscle while dieting (VERY IMPORTANT) and (C) keeping your hormones in check (AlSO VERY IMPORTANT). I'm sure it does more things, but I'm not a rocket scientist. Oh, and it tastes pretty yummy too.

    So, dear reader, WHAT exactly should you eat?

    Chicken, Fish, Lean Beef, Game Meat, Egg Whites/Yolks, Milk, Cottage Cheese

    Oatmeal, Sweet Potato, Brown Rice, Wholemeal Pasta/Bread, Fruit, Vegies

    Olive Oil, Nuts and Nut Butters, Avocado, Egg Yolks

    For a extensive list, refer to: What a Bodybuilder Eats

    Once you know the foods you msut eat, you should now have 4-6 smaller meals per day, instead of the usual "3 Squares." Also, you need to start counting the calories in what you eat, so that you can accurately determine how many calories it takes for you to lose weight/gain weight/maintain weight. Start an account on and start counting, STAT!


    Now that the diet is under control, we can start looking at a workout routine.
    Forget about doing 82 sets of Benchpress and 62 sets of Bicep Curls a week. It.Just.Doesn't.Work.

    You need to work on COMPOUND MOVEMENTS such as Squats, Deadlifts, Benchpress, Military Press, Rows, Pullups and Dips. They are the FOUNDATION of a good routine, they other stuff comes after. You should be looking to perform 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps as a starting point for these exercises, maintaining perfect form (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) For instructions on how to do certain exercises, refer to

    Some sample routines:
    Built's Baby Got Back
    WannaBeBig One


    Notice how I put this section last? That's because supplements are the least important part of Bodybuilding. For starters, you only need, and I use that term loosely, Whey Protein Powder, Fishoil and a good multivitamin. All can be found locally at supermarkets/health stores/gyms.

    Do not worry about the latest pill that will apparently make you HUGE AND RIPPED OVERNIGHT. They don't exist. Oh, yeah they do. They're called steroids!

    ...forget about them.

    Well, I hope this has helped you a bit, and sorta given you a basic idea of what lies ahead of you.

    So, in summery, Heavy Lifting + Good Diet = Succes.

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    bam saved me from typing to much:withstupi
    fell off the body building wagon trying to get back on

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    wow you guys are being really nice! listen to them they know what there talking about.


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