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Thread: Opinions On The Waterbury High Frequency System

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    Opinions On The Waterbury High Frequency System

    hope this isn't violating any rules:

    read this program on t-nation yesterday and thought it was pretty interesting and different in that frequency in it is mind-boggling. later on there are 2 workouts in the same day too.

    what do you think?

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    I think his program, as it is written, is sheer insanity for any trainee with less than two years experience. And I mean a solid two years of the basics done 3x a week in conjunction with the appropriate amount of calories and sleep. This program has an unneeded level of complexity for the beginner. It also will require a high (perhaps too high?) work capacity.

    On the other hand, "his concept" (and it's not really his but I'll get to that in a moment) of high frequency, has allot of merit. But it's very important to understand that frequency is a factor distinct from volume. Both of which are distinct from intensity.

    Now you can keep frequency high, you can keep volume high, you can keep intensity high, but your going to have a hard time keeping two or more of these factors high for an extended period of time. He has a very high frency - alternating squats and deadlifts - in conjunction with a very high volume level. Fortunately he keeps intensity fairly low.

    Frankly, some trainees will do better with high intensity, low volume.

    History, as well as the programs of some very respected people, bear this out. Most of the trainees of the 30's, 40's and 50's trained a three day split with high frequency, low volume, high intensity. Look at the programs of the old USA Olympic lifters. - Abbreviated sessions done three times a week focused on a handful of movements.
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    Lot of stuff on that article. He is using top athletes and ARNOLD as examples the natural should follow? Kind of silly.

    Bottom line. There is no one way or one BEST way to train, whether it be HIT, Waterbury, Dog-do-do or what have you. People have different abilities and different levels of work capacity, and recovery. Then when you add steroids or exceptional genes into the equation you have even greater varients. Look at all the journals here. There are many people who have achieved good development even by using quite different programs. Some train six days a week, some train three. Some squat and deadlift twice a week, some only once.

    Find what works for you and then build a routine around some or all of the core lifts eg: (bench, deadlift,squat, OH press, row, dip, leg press, chins)
    Eat lots of high-quality food and get in plenty of protein. Get lots of rest.

    That works. But how you apply these principles is up to you.
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    There was a good quote I read from some article on T-nation, I think it was Cosgrove

    "Methods change, but principles stay the same"
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    ok this isn't a "i found a new routine and am eager-jumping-jackrabbit to get started on it" thread. i am not looking for the best way to train or the best routine.

    i have never seen a routine like this and am just looking for opinions on it - whether the concept it's based on is BS or makes sense, how effective people think it is, etc.

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    I know what you mean dis! Any other opinions on such a routine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan936
    Any other opinions on such a routine?
    Yes, my opinion of it is this: Pfffffffffft. Talk about making something relatively easy as complex as possible!

    I'm going to write an article about training more often and include a lot of sweet pics and anecdotes and call it the "Sucker System"... I will then write "Part II - The Sucker Low Frequency System" - an article about training less often. Successive articles will include: adding weight, adding reps, eating more, and buying more supplements.
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