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Thread: Hardgaining in College

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    Hardgaining in College

    Hey folks,

    I am 20 years old, 6'1" tall and weigh only 129 lbs. Suffice to say, I am quite the ectomorph. I am also a college student, and wannabe hardgainer. My problem is this: I have no idea as to any ways in which I could achieve the kind of workout I need in order to reach my eventual target of 180, especially considering the fact that I live in the country where the only facility available to me is my small liberal arts college's very overcrowded and understocked gym. I have no education at all regarding any kind of exercises that I should do, number of sets/reps, or things that I should eat. Can somebody give me a brief introduction with some possible diet/exercise suggestions? Much thanks!

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    As for what you should eat.. look here...

    If your a hard gainer, eat alot, i'd suggest bulking. To find out how to eat go here. Tips on how to gain mass. (below)

    You'll also want to start keeping track of what you eat. So use Start up an account and you can keep track of how many calories your taking in per day. (use the custom feature and put in your own foods you actualy eat)

    As for a routine. You can start with this. (below) And keep looking around this forum and you'll be able to mold your own routine. But this is a good starter.

    I highly recommend doing squats and deadlifts.

    p.s. i'm definatly a nub to this forum but trust me if you actualy start reading these posts and what not.. you'll definatly see alot of exactly what i posted here.
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    hi and welcome

    :withstupi those r some good places to start

    bulking is basically eating over the amount of calories need for maintanance

    track the caloric intake

    i suggest wbb 1 in the article section wieght lifting routines
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    Thanks guys... I forgot to mention also that I have scoliosis and have been advised against doing squats... what can I do instead?

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    You can't do ANY kidn of squats, or just not with the bar on your back? If the latter, you could still do front squats, hack squats, leg press, etc.

    To check out what possible exercises you can do, go to
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