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Thread: too much? suggestions...

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    too much? suggestions...

    hi, my names into training through four years of high school wrestling and competitive running, been in the gym ever 23 years old, my routine is intense and its wearing me down...6 days a week lifting - routines vary but work a classic 3 day cycle 2 group hit, cardio usually 4-5 times a week.
    At 5'8, 145 im very lean and can push good weight for my size, but my im not getting the show out of my muscle that i would like and find that it actually looks like im losing lean muscle and softer muscle tissue is looking for a new routine, pointers, suggestions...thanks guys.

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    I bet you'd lose mass doing all that work!

    I'd be 25 pounds lighter than I am now with all that.
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    If you want to gain you need a caloric surplus. Your cardio is prolly the reason here. What does your diet look like? How often do you change your routine and what does it look like in detail(excercise, sets, reps, etc)? Sounds like you need more rest days to let the body recover from training. Read the stickies also, so much valuable info on this site

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    skeleton routine

    im on a very strict diet that carried over from my wrestling, high lean protiens, good fats, lots of carbs, 40g whey supplement 2x caloric intake is very high, in the 3000cal range, tough for me to get higher without forcing it...

    my workout routine varies but heres the skeleton outline:
    -db flat bench 4*10-15(r)
    -incline db 4*10-15
    -alt. fly 4*10-15
    -plateloaded(pl) press 4*10-15
    -wieghted dips, 30(r)free, +45lb*20, +90*10-12
    -tri extent 4*10-15
    -pushup cycle

    -pl pulldown
    -romanian deads
    -bent over row
    -seated row
    -forearm curl
    -standing db curl
    -standing straight bar
    -concentration curl or preacher iso

    day3- shoulders, legs(not as much as id like)
    -pl overhead press
    -front plate raise
    -trap shrug
    -smith squats
    -hack press
    -leg extents
    -calf raise

    the rep, set ratio is typically the same for all three days...ive always just worked with moderately high wieght and high reps...some weeks one day will drop or be split with pullup,chinup,dip cycle. like i said in the first post, im a cardio nut as well, usually 20-30 minutes 5times/week..i also work stomach, sides, and lower back throughout week..

    i would like ot stay in this HIT mode, but i feel like my routine needs a shake up, im not seeing the gains or cut that i was acustomed to, thanks guys.

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    I maybe come the resident oly guy but I think some Olympic weight lifting would help you out. Snatch, clean, jerk the basics. The guys here have all kinds of videos about this stuff. You can maintain your current physique while adding some strength.

    I knew a lady that ran triathlons and Olympic lifted with us. She was awesome and kept us on our toes. She was about 6 feet, 120lbs and could deadlift 245lbs. After deadlifting she would jump on a treadmill and run 30minutes flat out (made us all look bad).

    3000cal per day could be better but that depends on you. A friend was eat 4000 a day doing stright running, cycling, swimming.

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