Ok so if you haven't seen it or read it, then just go to this link http://www.wannabebigforums.com/showthread.php?t=74830 so i don't have to explain it over again, but pretty much i'm going to be coached by an Olympic Weighlifter and someone mentioned they would like to see me keep track of it here on a journal, so you guys and girls could see how my story unfolds. Now i' going to be training with "her" yes its a girl! for 2 days a week...if she see's real talent then she can get me a scholarship...

now my knowledge of olympic style weightlifting is very big, so if anyone out here has some stories, or advice, or just good websites they wouldn't mind sharing with me, then please post it in here or just mail me.

Im doing some background research on it in my spare time, as i see that the more knowledgable I am about something the better the chance of me succedding in it are.

Ok so now the story begins!