The last few times I have had milk, I have gotten VERY sick. I'm talking hugging the toilet water coming out of both holes sick. Gross, I know.

Now, the reason I have it's been "the last few times" is because I have been trying different scenarios to see if it really was the milk that was making me sick. Since I have had milk since I was a child, I was curious to see if I was slowly developing an issue with milk. It seems at first I was getting gasy and bloated and getting diarrea a lot. So, I started taking Lactaid figuring I was lactose intollerant. However, what's weird is that I can eat cheese and yogurt like it's nobodies business and I don't get sick. Lately, I've had a large glass of milk with my lunch. Probably about 20 - 25oz. About 30 minutes after that, my stomach would start to cramp up a bit and I'd feel very sick. Then the following week I had milk in the AM with some protein and ended up going home and throwing up and having very bad diarrea for 2 days. I drank this milk with the Lactaid as well. I didn't know if it was the milk or what I ate before drinking the milk. So, Monday night after my workout, I had Milk with my 2 scoops of Optimum. Within 30 minutes I was sick. Up all night hugging the toilet sick and it takes me at least 2 days to fully recover.

My question is, does anyone else here have just have problems with Milk? It can't be lactose. I'm absolutely fine eating large quantities of cheese (such as a full 12" pizza) and I eat yogurt and butter and ice cream all the time with no problems! It seems to be just the milk... Is that possible?