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    Some reason that other topic i posted was deleted.. and i didnt get to read what some of you guys wrote..

    I was talking about the training 2x per week.. This was just to get me, muscles, and my form ready for the heavy training..

    this week we are moving on to 1 to 2 muscle groups a day.
    1st set light 12 reps
    2nd set heavier 8 reps
    3rd set heaviest 4 reps
    4th set light 12 reps (or to failure, usually around 6 reps, and you do this right after the 3rd set with hardly any rest time)

    going to gym 4-5 times/week with a 2 day rest period...

    what ya think?

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    Can we have more info? me reap of what I sow....

    and BOOM goes the dynomite!

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    Yes, post what you are doing for each muscle group and on which days, etc.


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