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Thread: Version 1 Fish TAco

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    Version 1 Fish TAco

    This is my quick fix for lunch.

    1 whole-wheat soft tortilla (they have them flavored now, I have garlic/onion)
    Spinach leaves, romaine lettuce, tomatos - fixin's.
    Caesar dressing or guacamole, salsa might work.
    Tuna steak, you can buy them now in pouches, they come seasoned and ready to eat. I think starkist puts them out.

    Just wrap it up and toast it just before the tortilla gets crispy. AFter that, I cover mine in corn/crab chowder.

    Low fat, high protein, vitamins are there... very quick. 5 mins.

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    Fish tacos are one of my favorite foods. I was in San Diego on vaca a few weeks ago I think I ate 80 of them!!!
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    Dude, that sounds great. I'll be giving that a try.


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