I want to be detailed for you guys, to understand what I am looking to do:

Alright well as of now, I weigh 120-125 lbs, I am about 5"7. I have skinny arms and skinny legs, and a bit more fat on my core/mid section than I should have for that weight. I have always been like this, fat was never really distributed throughout my body, even when i weighed 175lbs, I had a big big mid section and small arms and "chicken legs". I dont know why.

Now that I have gone down to this weight, I have decided to enroll into a gym. I want to increase my muscle mass, get cut... You know just look and feel good. I am a beginner in all of this, I don't even know how much I can lift and stuff.

Here is my delimma
I don't want to lose anymore weight. Yet I want to get a ripped core, well just trim down my midsection and of course get bigger arms and legs. Is it possible for me to harden my "core", and gain weight with muscle?

This is what I was thinking, Cardio as in walking/jogging on the treadmills for about 30 minutes before using weights. Then an hour of weights. Can you guys help me out, I know most of you are in tip-top shape, Also, reccommend me some high-protein foods, or smoothies I can make.

If you guys know of a great routine for me with the rest days and such. please post them. I am starting this coming monday morning at 5am...First day at a gym. I know resting is key and eating healthy. Thank you very much.