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Thread: Please critique this routine for Mass

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    Please critique this routine for Mass

    *Train.. Mon, wed, Sat
    *1 warmup set before each exercise
    *Alternate upper/lower split for example mon(upper) wed(lower) sat(upper) mon(lower) etc.
    *75% of 1RM

    Dips- 4 sets of 8-12reps
    Incline bench -4 sets of 8-12 +drop set 2 times
    Chins- 4 sets of 8-12
    Rows- 4 sets of 8-12 +drop set 2 times

    Deadlift- 4sets of 10-15
    Leg press- 3sets of 10-15
    Calves- 3 sets of 10-12 9 +drop set 2 times

    Im eating roughly 3000- 3500 calories a day

    Is there anything I should change to make this better.
    Im 15 years old 165lbs been training for 2 years. Want to put on more size.
    Please critique.

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    i'd drop the leg press and add in Squats. also throw in some Good Mornings, if those are going to be regular Deadlifts.

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    and for my drop sets i would only use then twice a month as a shock

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    just out of curiosity how much are you deadlifting?
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    actually not much because i had a back injury in hockey and just taking the deadlift light and building up. Thats y i dont squat either because im afraid ill injure my back again. So i usually just leg press and now im adding in deadlifts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anth15
    and for my drop sets i would only use then twice a month as a shock
    Why? Been reading any Weider publications?
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    Also if your training for mass hows your diet. No matter how good the program or how hard you work if your not in a calrie surplus you aint guna gain mass.
    my journal

    weight 202 - (bf around 14%)
    Bench - 286
    deadlift - new pr on the 23/12/06 190 kilo (430 pound)
    squat - 264 ATF


    200 pound at 10% bf by next summer

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    Squats are a helluva lot easier on your back then deadlifts, replace leg presses with them!

    Other than that, the routine looks really good except you should use different rep ranges. For at least one press, pull, and leg exercise you should use heavier weight and less reps(5x5 or 3x3 would be perfect).

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    alright, Ill try some squats, any helpful techniques to avoid back injury while doing them? So are Squats and calve raises enough for ym leg day or should i add some leg extensions and curls?

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    High Rep Squats!! say like 20

    ever heard of breathing squats? or the Super squats program?

    or try the German Volume training 10x10 with squats it will kill ya, but add mass in short order!

    I just completed that program with 275 and I notice the difference not just with my legs but all of my major lifts.
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