Built, how would you recommend adjusting this routine for athletes? Specifically lacrosse players. We have to have significant endurance and explosive speed/power. Would you recommend your program for someone that wants to gain strength and power but with a need to maintain conditioning?

Trying to answer my own question I came up with this...
Day 1: Quad dom legs, tempo run finish (between 1-3 miles)
Day 2: Morning workout = HIIT running. Afternoon workout = horizontal push/pull
Day 3: GPP work (conditioning focus)
Day 4: Morning workout = Light GPP (conditioning focus)/mile run finish. Afternoon workout = Hamstring dom legs
Day 5: Morning workout = HIIT biking. Afternoon workout = vertical push/pull
Day 6: GPP work (strength focus)
Day 7: optional light run run/light GPP work (conditioning focus)

I know that running after leg day is probably not the best way to go, but I figured as long as I kept the run under 30 min it wouldn't be very likely for me to reach a catabolic state. I also have nowhere else to put it.

Conditioning focused GPP is less strength work and more conditioning. I'll pick from movements like burpees, DB swings, mountain climbers, jumping rope, medicine ball slams/throws, etc.

Strength focused GPP would be more bodyweight strength conditioning: bodyweight chin ups, pushups, bodyweight squats, bodyweight dips, and all of their variations with minimal rest in a circuit fashion.

Looking at that it does seem like a lot and could lead to overtraining, but I've had a similar training load before without detriment (except I had only 3 days lifting). If you have any recommendations/changes I'd really appreciate it.