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Thread: Commonwealth Games.

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    Commonwealth Games.

    I know, America isn't part of the commonwealth - NEVERMIND.

    Interesting things to look out for;

    Australian Christopher Daniel, current Australian Record hold for C&J @ 227kg (500lbs!) and Current record holder in total lift weight of 405kg (801lbs!).

    In the 105+ cat.

    Canadian Akos Sandor in the 105 class with a total of 350kgs (770lbs)

    There is going to be a plethora of bull happening over the week, seeing a 6"+ 68kg Kenyan backflip after C&Jing 280lbs was cool as hell!

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    Yeah i've been watchign the games alot sicne they've started. Specially the weightlifting. The little aussie chick erika yamasaki (really aussie name) was only 5"4 48Kg and C&J 83Kg and shes only been lifting for a few years and is 18! i was so proud!


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