Is now defined as no supportive gear, no wraps, no belt, and no drugs. It includes all 3 lifts. Ironman II is the same as Ironman except that a belt is allowed

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I would add:

"Texas " Bar - a thicker diameter barbell usually capable of holding more weight and that does not bend as much as an Oly bar.

Deadlift Suit (I see you kind of have it under Squat Suit, but they can be different)

Open Back/Closed Back - terms used to describe a style of bench shirt.

Chalk - chalk or magnesium carbonate powder used to aid grip.

Baby Powder - often applied to the front of the legs in order to assist sliding of the bar along the legs on the deadlift.

Rack Pulls, Rack Presses, Rack Squats - assistance exercises done with pins set at a desired height (usually above full ROM) to improve lockout strength or assist in breaking through sticking points.

Auxillary Exercises - any exercises that do not directly work muscles or simulate movements involved in the Big 3.

"The Big Three" - the three competitive lifts in the sport of powerlifting. They are the squat, bench, and deadlift.

Full Power - a powerlifting meet in which all of the "Big 3" lifts will be contested.

Ironman - a powerlifting meet in which only the Bench and Deadlift will be contested.