I'm new to this forum but I've been posting at bodybuilding.com for a while now. Here's a link to my workout journal over there, which I will also continue here.


My long term goals are to get bigger and stronger while staying lean, so next fall I can run track in college. Currently I am lean bulking but I seem to be burning off fat slowly but surely as well... works for me!

2800-3000 calories, roughly 40/30/30 ratio for carbs/protein/fats
I eat a lot of chicken breast and lean beef, occasional fish, and two whey protein shakes daily (breakfast and post-workout). My carbs currently come mainly from oats, Barilla Plus pasta, whole grains, and a lot of fruits and veggies. I really like sweet potatoes so I eat them whenever I can. For fats, it's mostly olive oil and peanut butter, and some fats from meat, cheese (I love string cheese), and legumes (big fan of the Campbell's Chunky Chili). I'm about to start a cycle of Molecular Nutrition's X-Factor so I will be really cutting back on the EFAs, especially the enriched Barilla Plus pasta, peanut butter, and olive oil... fats will be primarily from meat and cheese for a while.

I have used two creatine/NO stacks extensively in the past... Controlled Labs' White Blood and Green Bulge, and Universal Nutrition's Shock Therapy and Storm. My last run of White Blood and Green Bulge, I also took CL's GlycerGrow (GG) and I liked that a lot. Currently I'm just taking GG and creatine (the leftover Storm) and will continue that while on XF. I also take an active multivitamin twice daily (breakfast and post-workout/dinner).

I've done pyramids in the past but my current split is a modified 5x5. I much prefer split-body to full body and I've honed in on what works best for me at this stage.

Monday - chest/triceps
5x5 bench press, incline DB press, weighted dips
3x8-10 skullcrushers

Tuesday - back/biceps
5x5 deadlift, weighted pullups, Dorian rows
3x8-10 DB curls

Thursday - shoulders
5x5 overhead press, rear upright rows, Arnold press, rear delt rows

Friday - legs
5x5 squat, stiff-legged deadlift, leg press, leg curls

I train core every lifting day, alternating between low reps-high weight and adding weight with moderate reps and also between strictly abs, direct oblique work, and a mix. Core training is boring, so I like to switch it up to keep it fresh. On my off days, I like to do some full body circuit training to promote recovery and sprint intervals.

So yeah... here's my journal. Feel free to post in here or PM me if you've got any questions, comments, suggestions, or whatever!