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Thread: Social Experiment #1 : The Blind Date

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    Social Experiment #1 : The Blind Date

    Alright kids, the time has come for our first social experiment. As money mike has suggested, the theme of this exercise is to secure a blind date with a girl from the Internet and take on a particular role for the duration of the date.

    Example roles would include :
    1. Pirate Guy
    2. Mouth Breather
    3. Paranoid Pete
    4. Emotional Wreck
    5. Disagree with everything guy (Know-It-All)
    6. Bathroom every 5 minutes guy
    7. Afraid of human contact guy
    8. Forgetful Guy
    9. OCD Guy
    10. Curse Guy
    11. Overzealous Guy
    12. Sexual Innuendo Guy
    13. Corny joke guy
    14. Really annoying laugh guy
    15. Religious or Political Fanatic Guy
    16. Nonstop movie quoter
    17. Incompetent Magician
    18. Sleazy guy (hitting on other girls)

    There must be rules in this experiment, so I will begin listing them. I will add new rules as people suggest them and they are approved by the group of participants.

    1. The date must be documented in some way. Audio or video are the only two mediums in which all members can share in the fun.
    2. The role you take on must never be broken. No matter what happens, you can't reveal the premise to your date. If she confronts you on it, deny it in the manner that your character would.
    3. The date will not end until the girl ends it. There is no bailing out early.

    We need a tally of who is in and more ideas for the experiment. Good luck.

    With enough interest, I will register and setup a forum and links to the evidence, etc.
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