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Thread: strengthening shoulders - back from surgery

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    strengthening shoulders - back from surgery

    Okay guys, so basically my story is as follows:

    I'm 22 years old, 5'10 201lbs

    14 months out of right shoulder surgery - tore the ligament, the surgery tightened me up much more than normal shoulder surgeries since it was so messed up. As a result, I rehabbed for a long time (6+ months) and I still am about 20 degrees off of full ROM. Also as a result of my torn ligament, I had some cartillage wear in my socket, and have a bit of arthiritis in the shoulder, making some lifts and activities difficult, though not impossible. Also, my left shoulder has been separated (while I was in a sling after my surgery on the right one...don't even ask me to explain it )

    I really want to strengthen my shoulders, so I can do what I used to do on the basketball courts. Really the only thing my surgeon told me to stay away from is anything that involves behind the neck pressing, which I always hated and thought was useless (for me) anyways.

    What do you guys reccomend to help me gain strength in my shoulders what lifts, how often, etc. I tend to respond best to higher rep schemes. I guess you can include a back workout too if you feel so inclined. But remember, the key here is restrengthening slowly so I don't set myself back.

    Previous personal records (when I weighed 190, 14%bf, pre-injury):

    bench: 250x1 (flat bb), 85x14 (incline db)
    deadlift: 385x4
    squat: 295x3
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