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Thread: punching bag

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    punching bag

    hi all. i recently aquired a stand up punching bag. its great. i work at it for maybe 20 minutes a day INTENSELY. after my 3rd day i can feel it everywhere. chest, quads, calves, bi's, tri's, lats, and in my back real good. im guessing that i am getting a really good workout from this?

    i also lift about 2 times a week using squats and bench press and deadlifts mainly.

    but my question is this. should i expect to see any gains out of using the punching bag? such as muscle tone, size, or will it just burn fat and calories that i need as i am on a bulk?


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    You won't get big doing it.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    You'll get good at punching the bag.

    Is it the kind with the clown face on it? I love them.

    Seriously though, it's not a bad way to do your cardio.

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    boxers are some of the best conditioned aheletes in the world.Include jump rope a must.shadow boxing with 2lb weights is good for your shoulders as well,if your going to do cardio at least if you do boxing you get some skills as well.I lift 4 days a week and do thai boxing 4 days a week.Running on a treadmill is just not enough and the stationary bike is worthless.3x3 minutes jumprope,2 rnd shadowbox,6-12 rounds bagwork,boxdrills,footwork drills,crunches,hillclimbersetc when I train alone,still make gains lifting.

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    It's awesome conditioning work. I miss it. If I could find a place to put a stand up bag in my apartment I'd...

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    so if it is cardiovascular will i burn needed calories on my bulk and not really see too many muscular improvements?

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    just eat more


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