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Thread: Orange Juice and Carbs

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    scarz: I actually just sent in my application to transfer from the liberal arts faculty to the land and food systems faculty at UBC.

    Where are you studying? How are you finding it so far? Would you recommend it? And how difficult are you finding the math and science portions of it?

    Just curious cause i sent my application with the thought of transfering but i have yet to come to a solid decision, want to talk to as many people about it before hand as possible.
    I'll be transferring to ASU for the Bachelor of Science program they have there. I'm probably only a quarter of the way through my journey to my Ph.D so I'm not the best person to be asking these questions. Someone with more college experience would be better (or someone with a degree).

    There is quite a bit of math and a LOT of chemistry, anatomy, and various medical/biological classes. They are difficult, but then IS college...and it IS a Ph.D. I am still unclear on my major. I either want to be in the field of human nutrition or go into BioTechnology. I have a while to think about it. Overall, the direction I'm taking towards nutrition is quite fascinating, which is why I'm studying it to begin with. But seeing that this country is going farther into the hole of obesity, I'm starting to feel as though I can't help people. Of course, your word is more valid with a Ph.D behind your belt than just being a 21-year-old college student (so more peope will listen, I suppose). I don't know.

    I think it's an interesting and cool field to be in, but you can do ANYTHING you want. It is college, after all.
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