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Thread: Critique my 4 week workout plan!

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    Critique my 4 week workout plan!

    hey, over at G-R we use a program called "BFS" (bigger faster stronger). and ive been hearing this plan completely blows. i want to know if its the truth or not. remember, were all aiming for strength and weight gains, not getting ripped.
    heres week 1: 3x3 of each lift:bench, towel bench, deadlift, squat, front squat, powerclean
    week 2: 5x5 of each lift
    week 3: 5x4x3x2x1 of each lift
    week 4: 10x8x6 for bench, towel bench, squat and front squat, 4x4x2 for deadlift, powerclean

    each week these weights slightly increase, this program lasts for 4 months, on the last 3x3 we should be doing 3x our max when we started according to the plan.

    i have increased 50 lb in squat, 20 lb in bench, and 10 lb in powerclean from the beginning of the plan, but is this the best i can do? or can i get more using a different plan?

    please tell me if this is a good plan for weight gains and for strength, thank you.
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