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Thread: Qestion on lunges...

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    Qestion on lunges...

    Hey i'm new to WBB, but i have browsed around the forums every once in a while. I don't know if any of you remember, but i'm fixation's friend heh.

    I had a question on lunges. Is the knee that's not stepping forward supposed to touch the ground? And how far is the stepping foot supposed to go? Should that knee make a straight line with the foot? I've been trying lunges for another leg workout on the days i'm not squatting, and i don't think i'm doing them right. Any feedback would be great.
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    Th lead foot should go as far out as you can go. The knee should be in line with your toe, or just behind. The back knee should touch the ground, but it's not crucial.

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    Be careful if you are touching your knee to the ground, especially in the later reps. If your form and/or control break down, you may smash your knee. That's never fun.
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    Ouch... doesn't sound like it.

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    challenge yourself and if your knee touches the ground then make yourself do it again, it's what my coach makes me do
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