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Thread: After technique Then what

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    After technique Then what

    Alright so if im doing my technique, when will i be able to add some weights(after a week, 2 weeks??)
    after i got my technique right and how much should i add

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    add weight asap in five pound increments.
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    Depends on the exercise and the weight your are currently pushing...
    although 5 is a good weight in the middle..
    if you are only curling 25 lbs, that might be too much...
    and if you are squatting 200 that might be too light..

    I actually perfer mixing it up....
    when i get to a plateau... i try adding big increments.. and some smaller increments.. and some more reps.. and some different exercises.. or move from bars to DBs...

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    are u a brand new beginner? Increments of weight all depend on what exercise u do, ur body type, how much stress you can handle, your weight-set scheme, rep scheme, etc. Also, ur goals. If ur focus is on hypertrophy then ur focus should be going for the pump and repping out all the sets, but if ur goal is strength gain, then u want to work on the lower reps with heavier weights.

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    start out aiming for hypertrophy imo, at least 8 reps, preferably 10.
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