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Thread: Upper body is starting to lag

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    Upper body is starting to lag

    Good morning all,

    A little history, although most of you know from previous threads about how I train and the progress I've made:

    Started serious training in August of 2005, with only two major breaks (one due to final exams that lasted about a week, and another due to moving to NH). I started at 140 lbs. For the first 4 months I used a classic 20-rep squat routine, drinking a gallon of milk a day and eating everything in sight. My growth plateu'd at about 170 lbs and I switched to a more traditional style routine, which I'm currently using. It's as follows:

    A Day
    squat, 5x5
    bench, 5x5
    power cleans (jerk the first rep), 5x5
    curls, 3x8

    B Day
    OH press, 3x8
    deadlift, 5x5
    BO row, 3x8
    waist work (don't do this too often)

    I usually put in 2 days of rest between workouts, every two weeks I'll take a 3-day break.

    I'm temporarily living at home until I'm settled enough in NH to find my own place (just got out of the Marines, am starting school again, and it's a big transition for me). As such, I'm only able to eat whatever's in the house. This means skim milk and low-fat everything (my mother's a big believer in low-fat diets), however, I've still managed to put on weight through eating a lot of cottage cheese, peanut butter, eggs, etc.

    My numbers currently are as follows:
    weight 184 (as of this morning)
    squatting 230 for 5 reps
    benching 155 for 5 reps
    deadlifting 245 for 5 reps

    My question is, while I have made progress, my upper body is starting to lag behind my lower body a bit. My quads and hamstrings are increasing in size nicely. My back has widened some, enough to make me have to hold my arms in so I don't have "wide lat syndrome," and my chest has increased in depth an inch or two. However, looking in the mirror, there is a definite imbalance in my upper vs. lower body size. My quads and hams are starting to bust through my pants, but my upper body just isn't keeping up. My squat and deadlift numbers continue to improve, but benching and overhead pressing are behind and going very slow. My triceps have improved a little, but my arms are very small and out of proportion to the rest of my body.

    What changes can I make to bring it up? I've considered advanced routines, but I don't think I've progressed enough on the basics to do so. My goals are to bulk to 200 by summer, and eventually move into powerlifting.

    Thanks in advance,
    height 5'10
    weight 187

    Currently dl'ing 255 for 3 reps x 8 sets
    350 lb deadlift by Feb. 2007

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    im very suprised from the 20 rep routine all your numbers didnt blast, your routine looks great, bench problems occur most often and with myself even, i would help but im not sure so ill leave it to the other members, good luck!
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    Try moving your upper body exercises to the beginning of your workouts. Exercises that are later in your workout don't get worked out as much as exercises at the beginning of your workout when your muscles are still fresh. You might even split them out into a third day to rotate in your training routine.


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