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Thread: Confused about gaining mass...

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    Confused about gaining mass...

    Alright, I'm confused. I want to gain muscle mass. I have a thin frame, but if I want to 'enlarge' my body frame I need to grow of course.

    I've been order to get big, do I need to put on weight gain (by eating a lot of fat) or do I just train harder (and eat healthy protein, fat and carbs)?

    I know Sinep did this massive weight gain prior to cutting,but is there a way I can still gain huge body weight (muscle of course) or do I have to gain the fat in order to create the muscle size?

    CONFUSED, and it it's a stupid question, my bad.
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    Well...there are plenty examples of bulking diets in the forums. Basically you can make a decision of bulking clean, or not so clean. Clean will be a slower more controlled bulking cycle, versus not so clean where you just consume a crazy number of cals which you are less discretionary on the source.

    If you are afraid of fat just increase your cals keeping your constant macros constant and you will add weight. Cut down on the cardio if possible as well.
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    Cycle your diet every 8 weeks. The first 8 weeks try this ratio:
    45% carbs
    45% protein
    10% fat


    45% carbs
    10% protein
    45% fat

    and switch between them. That's the diet I followed all of last year and I gained 49 pounds, 40 of it was muscle.

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    Get fat buddy, you'll love it.

    I'm kidding, but expect some fat gain with a bulk diet.
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