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Thread: Bad Hip - Squat or Not to Squat?

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    Bad Hip - Squat or Not to Squat?

    I have some degenerative hip stuff going on in my right hip, but I have to work out my lower body because I have an extensive commute to work of 1.5 hours each way, then sit at a computer during the day. I work out first thing in the morning, starting with yoga (14 years now) then off to the big city and the gym before work. I need to know what's a happy medium for clearing and maintaining body fat from the buttocks and thighs while not exacerbating the hip pain by overdoing it. Any suggestions?
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    Well, first of all, if you want fat to be removed from those regions you are going to have to diet it off. Second, you won't be able to target those areas. You are going to have to lean out until your body reaches those areas and burns the fat away from them. That could be 5 pounds of fat, or it could be another 15 pounds of fat before you body eventually takes care of that.

    If you cannot squat, then you can work on Leg Exentions and Leg Curls, anything to not aggrivate those hips. I am not a doctor and quite frankly, I have never researched this "degenerate hip" stuff. But, as always, you either have to work through it and make it stronger (sounds like this is not possible), or you have to work around it (probably the best bet).

    Take care and remember, Fitness is for life and for health!


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