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Thread: new routine

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    new routine

    hey guys i am doing the wbb1 routine but i have been out for a month because of my shoulder blade i was on my bulk when i hurt it then i decided to cut. my diet as been spot on i was 198 lbs now i am 182 do you think i have lost alot of muscle underneath or not to much? i am going to do the wbb1 routine again but i need some sort of routine like ufc fighters do but without over training eg running punchbag rowing machine etc and might be getting into kickboxing and as anybody got any good feedback about gamma-o. cheers replys much apreciated

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    I do both powerlifting and MMA. I like to do heavy bag work and bench on the same day to save my shoulder. I don't run, kickboxing and boxing rounds are hard and running drops to much weight off of me with the other two. Gamma-o pays that guy on UFC to say he uses it. I have never used it, but I don't think supplements are worth it if your not training all day and eating right.


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