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Thread: Hitting the cutting brick wall

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    Hitting the cutting brick wall

    Wondering what your advice would be to someone who can lose bodyfat, but only to a certain extent? What do you do when the loses grind to a halt, despite low cal diets and stimulants?

    I started cutting at the very beginning of January at 202 lbs. In the first 5 weeks I lost about 10 pounds and everything was going along nicely, I was pleased. Now in the past 3-4 weeks I've barely lost a pound and I'm not seeing visually any progress either. I'm eating about 2200-2400 cals on workout days and about 2000 on rest days. I'm taking EC twice a day (16mg E,200mg C). Working out every second day with a upper/lower split.

    This is the same scenario I run into everytime I try cutting - I see progress up until a certain point, then I hit a brick wall and my body refuses to shed bodyfat and I give up and start bulking again. It's really frustrating. I told myself that this time I was finally going to get where I wanted to be (12-14%bf) , but it seems nothing helps after a certain point. I'm thinking now about PSMF for about 2 weeks straight, basically pure starvation, because genetically I think I suck for leaness.
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