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Thread: Really need some tips!

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    Really need some tips!

    Ok i started back training about 3 weeks ago now and started of doing just Monday, Wednesday and Friday's because of the aching i was getting the days after. Anyway Iv started as of yesterday doing 5 days a week.. but i need a rountine im crap at finding one! Please list some routines you do !

    btw just curious, as most of you have been training for years do you still get the 'ache' the next day after the workout? If so what we talking, a little ache or ?

    Regards, Ben.

    EDIT: Will doing each body part twice a week work out in a good routine or will i be overworking?
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    the ache is call DOMs delay onset muscle soreness. yeah i still get them especailly after leg day.

    ummm just starting back a 5 day on split might be too much for you. aside from seeing what you actualy plan on doing all i can say is umm maybe its over training
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