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Thread: Bi's and Tri's

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    Bi's and Tri's

    For those who lift four times or more a week, do you work biceps and tricep the same day of on different days. I have been told both work, but wanted to see who saw better results.
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    I do tris on monday with my chest and bis on friday with my back. This way i am doing compound work (bench, incline, decline mondays and dl, bent over rows and pullups friday) and hitting them by themselves to burn them out.

    (back work hits bis and chest work hits tris)
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    I work them on different days. Bi's with back and tri's by on there own day. I like to work tri's heavy and my bi's do better light and after back.

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    i do them once a week on upper body day
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    The correct answer: switch it up. In my opinion, making specific rules (ie this should be worked out with this) is not always the best idea. Your best bet is to follow both examples you have provided.

    My best results with bi's has been with 5 x a week (strange, but worth a shot). One day a week, real heavy. The other days, 4 pump up sets...pretty much keep going till I feel the pump+burn (hyperemia + lactic acid buildup).

    Tris-1x a week. I feel my bench + shoulder routine already covers my tris.

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    i do them together after my legs. I've been supersetting them recently, just for fun. I think bi's and tri's are very individual. I personally do not like to do chest/tri's and back/bi's, but others have said they do like that. i would play around with it until you find what works for YOU.
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