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Thread: Assistance exercises

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    Assistance exercises

    Good morning all,

    I've been considering switching from my current full-body, 2x a week routine (A day: squats, benches, powercleans, B day: deadlifts, BO rows, DB benches) to a standard 3-days-a-week powerlifting type (squat monday, bench wednesday, deads friday). This is mostly due to my having problems continuing to add bulk, and because my three core lifts need some major work.

    I'm currently benching 160 for 5 reps, squatting 235 for 5 reps, and deadlifting 245 for 5.

    My question is concering assistance exercises. I have a vague idea of what my weak points are, but am not sure what exercises and what set/rep range I should use for them. I use 5x5 for the core lifts.

    My weak pts are as follows:
    Bench: tris and delts are very weak, perhaps the weakest part of my body
    Squat: abdominals, adductors (groin muscles), lower back (the spinal erectors, I think?)
    Deadlift: I'm not sure; my deadlifts have progressed well and I have not detected any inherent weakness yet, however my traps may need work

    Suggestions and advice would be very welcome.

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    Bench assistance: Any close grip pressing and extensions would be good. Also some overhead pressing (if your shoulders can handle it) any kind of rowing for the lats and some light shoulder work.

    Squat/DL assistance: GMs, GHR, RDL, pullthroughs, heavy ab work.

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