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Thread: Should I bulk or start to cut?

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    Should I bulk or start to cut?

    I know this question gets ask a thousand times, so sorry for the repetitive nature of the question. Since september I have bulked up a good 25 pounds and am up to 185lbs right now. I was aiming for a steady increase of 1-2lbs per week and was doing a pretty good job at doing so.

    My problem comes with the fact that I am a college student, and needless to say my diet is pretty bad even though I try to eat the best I can. The past few weeks my weight has actually gone down about 2 pounds and seems to be staying there. Now, I know that I can easily just eat more to keep on gaining, but I am concerned with the types of food I would be eating more of in order to gain that weight.

    It is because of that that I was thinking it might be time to cut that way I can do a clean bulk in the summer time. So basically my question is this, I am pretty sure the weight I put on if I continue to bulk will be a lot of fat and I am not sure if it is worth to time to lose the weight later. So should I bulk regardless of the fact that I will gain more fat or if I should cut now and gain weight in the summer when I can eat a lot better and bulk cleanly so I gain little fat.

    Thanks for any help, I am really in a dilemma here since I dont want to eat a lot of bad food in order to continue bulking but also dont really want to cut... my gains have been way to good to want to stop them.
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    if YOU feel its time to cut then cut. otherwise keep bulking.
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    Its obvious you'd like to continue to bulk, so I say stop making excuses to eat crappy food and show some dedication. I'm not trying to be mean, just speaking the truth. A lot of us have busy schedules, but we don't let that stop us from our goals. Also, even if you decided to cut, your still gonna be eating the same junk food, I say just clean up your diet now and keep the gains comming.


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