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Thread: Sprained ankle

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    Sprained ankle

    I sprained my ankle and was wondering how long i should wait to start working out again?

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    you can still train upper body,lower, wait until your healed
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    It depends on how bad the sprain is.

    And do you think it's a sprain, or do you know it's a sprain? You're not really qualified to determine what it is, so I would get it checked out if I were you.

    And also, don't expect your ankle to feel the same way again once it heals. There's going to be a little pain in there for quite a while, no matter what you do. My ankles never really felt the same after spraining them. I lost a lot of lift and explosiveness after a bad sprain on my right ankle, and it took several months before I could do things like dunking in basketball again. I didn't work out at the time, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have felt comfortable squatting for quite some time after either.
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    Most people sprain their ankle's repeatedly because they don't deal with the initial problem right away. Ice right away, then go to the Doc's office and then to physio.
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    Go to the doctor's right away, you need x-rays.

    When I sprained my ankle I went to the doctor and he told me I wouldn't be able to walk (training was an entirely different creature) for 10 days. It later turned out that that doctor was an idiot and my ankle was broken. But the point is it will be a while and you should only listen to a doctor, not a bunch of people on the internet.
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    I am sure its a sprain i can walk on it today and i have went to the doctors they gave me an air splint. What about for my deadlifts is there any exerscie that doesnt put wieght on my foot i can do that works the same back muscles? I have had sprained ankles atleast 3 times in each foot so i know what to expect
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    Odd that they gave you an air split. Air splints do not properly get rid of the inflammation in the affected area.

    How about pullups and cable rows.


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