Last week, I moved up on my deadlift to repping 225.

In a total of about 16 reps in 4 sets since the weight seemed really heavy to me.

This week I was deadlifting 225 again, and I was able to feel an improvement again.

I did 3 set of 5 reps and I wasn't feeling nearly as strained as the week before. Then my friend tells me to put on a belt to help avoid injury...I put it on and when I go to my 4th set the weight never felt so light. I was pretty sure that I can do the same reps as 225 with the belt on a still move up another 20 lbs.

So does the belt decrease the need to use stabilizer muscles and make the weight feel lighter? I noticed that it felt light because when I began lifting the weight and my stomach pushed against the belt, if that makes any sense.