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Which nobody was arguing with. And no one was talking about your gym. That is what I meant by focus. And you still have not answered the question. Which brings me to my next point.


Why are you trying to argue issues which were not part of the original discussion? Not a flame just an observation gleaned from this thread and the above link.

Wtf are you talking about? Are you making this difficult on purpose? This thread was talking about wearing a belt or not...do you understand how many threads get off topic??? At least I was still on topic, so wtf are you complaining about? Im letting ppl know, for the ones that wear them far too often, that it is bad for you and explaining why. And my last arguement was right on topic too, I didnt agree with what was being advertised...what is your point to all of this? How about you spend the full 24 hours in your day cutting ppl up who go off topic too.