Hi there, I am new to the site (so maybe it will be a very newb kind of question) and I would like to start to gain some extra weight in muscle. I am currently a bit over 6 feet and about 160-170lbs. I'm a skinny guy. I've been working out before but definitely not a lot. My question is about building a routine that is good for me. I have done a search and read a few of the routine articles, however, most of them are for people who want to gain a lot muscle and weight.

I would like to gain maybe 30-40lbs but stay lean. Mostly, increase my strength as well as endurance. I am just wondering if thats at all possible.

I looked into some of the routines and eating guides but my question was still unanswered.

It is this, if I would like to gain 30-40lbs of muscle but then stay at that weight but increase my strength (if that's possible) and also how would my diet and routine look after I reach my desired weight. So I have a basic idea that at first I will have to eat a lot of proteins, some shakes and work out a lot. What I gathered is that there should be 2 days of rest between the days where I would target the same muscle groups and that I should probably group biceps/back and triceps/chest for upper body. After I gain my desired weight, what should my eating habits look like and how should I decrease my training? Can someone please help me out?

I got the following routine from one of the guides, although I would probably add other exercises to it.

Monday and Wednesday:

Bench Press


Seated shoulder press

Tuesday and Friday (alternate squats and deadlifts every other week):


Calf Raises

Would this be a good routine for gaining that extra 30-40 lbs or should I change it?

Thanks, Anton.