I am new to this forum and am looking for advice on how to begin a competition-bound training program. I have been weight training for many years, with the last year being the most focused. I would like to compete in a novice catergory in November (AZ show) and have 7 months! I am including below the routine I have today, as well as the supplements I am taking. Please let me know if I am on the right track and what else I can do.

Weight Routine: - I typically do 3-4 different exercises per body part with 45sec. rest between "ALL" sets. I am strict in this regard.
Mon/Fri: Chest, Shoulders, Tris
Tue: Abs
Wed: Back, Bis

Cardio Routine:
Mon/Wed/Fri: 20-30min (early evening) (typically elliptical due to bad knee)

Protien: Whey protien, taking roughly 100grams/day
Creatine: XPand (by Dymatize Nutrition- Taking 1/day or 2/day before/after workout
Glutamine: by VPX-http://www.vpxsports.com/newweb/products/products.asp Taking 20-25grams/day
Amino: Xtend (by SCIvation-http://www.scivation.com/product_3.html Taking 11grams per weight training workout

Diet: Diet today is mediocre and would require improvement, but what meals to move to are where I need help? I need a meal plan.

I am highly motivated to change my lifestyle and sacrifice what I need to in order to get my body more lean, muscular and defined. I just need thelp in what to change? I already know I need to put more work into my routines and push my muscles further.

Thanks for your time and help!