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Thread: Best time to consume milk

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    Best time to consume milk

    Before last year, I always used to buy ON Chocolate Whey and mix it with milk and that would be my protein shake 2-3 times a day. Then I decided it would be better if I mixed my protein shake with water so I went out and bought ON Fruit Punch Whey and I mix that with water. Now I think I might go out and get a tub of the chocolat protein and mix it with milk to consume once daily and have my water and fruit punch shake 1-2 times daily. My question is what is the best time of day to consume Chocolate Whey mixed with milk protein shake? Also would it be bad if I took the protein shake mixed with milk right before I went to bed?
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    What's the rest of your diet like? I would venture to say post-workout...
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    Isn't built always saying to stay away from fats when you can after work outs?

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    if it was me i'd take it in the morning
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    Are you bulking?

    If so, drink it all day long.

    I drink milk and shakes right through the day and have no problems at all.

    I have milk in my PWO shake too. I know that many say that casein slows down absorption but I haven't had any problems with my gains. For me it's just a matter of taste because my protein powder is vile with water. Like I said, I dont think it's hindered my gains.

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    When I was bulking, i drank tons of milk before bed. Whey+milk makes protein shakes taste so much better, if your bulking there perfect any time of day. I would however stay away from milk+whey pre-work.
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    All the time.

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    Whenever you feel like mixing it with milk.
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    I drink milk at least 8 times a day. I probably drink a little more than a gallon a day. Unless you're lactose intolerent there is nothing wrong with milk. A cup of skim has less that 100 cals.
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