I'm currently a skinny fat 171.5 lbs at 17% bf. How does this plan look for cutting?

Workout days (4 days lifting and 1 day HIIT):
Protein: 250 g
Carbs: 240 g
Fat: 150 g
Total: 3310 cals

I workout in the late evenings, so most of the carbs on lifting days would be consumed from 4PM on.

Non-Workout days:
Protein: 240 g
Carbs: 155 g
Fat: 135 g
Total: 2795 cals

This comes out to an average of 3160 cals, about a 12% reduction from my current maintenance (3600). I'd like to cut until I get to about 12% bf before I resume bulking, but that is subject to change if I get to the point were I feel too small/weak again.