Got to thinking about Cheat Meals/Cheat Days and figured I'd pose this question to some of the more nutrition suave people on these forums. Now I know calories in and out are going to determine weight gained, but this isn't what the question is about. What different effects with regards to the body do you see in taking Cheat Meals as opposed to a Cheat Day? I guess I should define the two a little better. When I say Cheat Day, I'm referring to the Cheat Days some people have where they cram 7000 calories of sweets and what not into one day. When I talk about Cheat Meals, I mean eating say a semi bad dinner on Friday night, and then eating clean throughout the weekend except for one meal on Saturday and one on Sunday. For comparison's sake, lets say you ate the exact same amount of bad **** during both the Cheat Meal and Cheat Day scenarios. Which do you think would have the most adverse reaction within the body? I probably worded this really bad, but I'm tired and don't feel like thinking my way through all this.