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Thread: New to dieting, advice?

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    New to dieting, advice?

    I am 18 years old and looking to slim down with a healthy diet plan instead of a fad diet that will make me gain weight the second I get off it, I'm 6'1" 230 pounds and looking for a good diet plan also I wanna know if things like Protene shakes for muscle gain should be avoided until I slim down. Also I'm looking to lose this weight pretty quick I'm not to over weight...I would just like to flat lean out quick and be done with it I'm sick of being over weight lol

    This second question is a little off topic but I broke my femer years back and was wondering if this TriFlex would help my knee at all, maybe someone has had results with it?
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    ^^^what built said. as far as the triflex i would go with ETS by ATL nutrition instead. I'm not sure if thats exactly what your looking for.

    protein shakes are good for easy cals. if your cutting most of us around here perfer to chew our food while in a caloric deficit.
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