About Two weeks ago I hurt my elbow wrestling; not sure how, got up from a live match and it hurt. Afterwords It hurt to move at the joint at all. Ice and ibuprofen helped. It got to the point where It didn't hurt at all untill I aggrivated either playing tennis or lifting weights (benchpress). Finally I got smart and took some time off to let it heal.

Now It seems like the ligament has healed all the way (or whatever was injured). I can still feel that it was injured, for instance when I flex my tricep hard it feels different than my other elbow, which was not injured, though I'm hesistant to call the difference pain. Now I'm wondering what is the best way to get my elbow back to par and keep from injuring it. I can do pushups with no pain, haven't tried benchpress at all, and I have full mobility. Should I just "take it easy" and lift light for awhile? How do I get my full strenght back in the tendon/ligament? I'm very interested in benchpressing again, and being able to go all out in deadlifts/pullups.