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Thread: ab question

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    ab question

    im really new to building abs. ive NEVER had really defined abs like i want and need for comp. one of my biggest problems is the love handles.. they just keep gettin bigger and how do you get rid of them? and i got alot of fat on the bottom of my stomach that just needs to go. i am starting my cutting diet in a few weeks, i understand that the fat and love handles are from bulking, but my problem is knowing how to get rid of it. i dont want to do any aerobic excersizes bc i dont want to lose any muscle. i read somewhere about HIIT, and i tried to look up what that is and had no luck. so if someone could explain that too i would appreciate it.
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    You need to follow a hypocaloric diet to see your abs.

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    search HIIT you'll find tons of info. You're right on track, diet is the key to lose the love handles and see your abs.
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