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Thread: Rotator Cuff Issues, Incline Dumbell press

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    Rotator Cuff Issues, Incline Dumbell press

    A couple years ago i had my should pop out and make some nasty noises while doing incline dumbell press. I was put on a high strength anti-inflamtory and didnt do chest / shoulder excersises for several months. I finally got the shoulder back to full strength and starting hitting the gym hard. Last friday I was at the gym and it Happened again! What the heck am I doing wrong? Its still killing me and I have an appointment with the orthapedist next tuesday. I figure the doctor wont know exactly what it is or what to do but I'm hoping some one on this forum does!
    Thanks for your help in advance

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    How well do you warm up and stretch? I suggest hitting the bike for 3-5 minutes, then performing shoulder stretches for a few minutes before you begin. Then, start off with 2 light warm up set to get the blood flowing, and to prepare your body for the excersize you are about to do. Find some shoulder excersizes on the internet.

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    Here's a post I made recently. It's still not finished, but it might help you articulate where your pain is and what triggers it.

    Here's another link that might be helpful:

    Definately DON'T do anything except ice and rest until you see a medical professional.
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