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Thread: Critique my diet - Carb based, late night no carb

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    Critique my diet - Carb based, late night no carb

    Morning cardio - 30mins
    Wait 1hr

    1 bowl corn flakes w milk- 150 cals / 30g Carbs
    1 banana (6i)- 108cals /27g carbs
    3 eggs - 225c / 15g F/18g P

    Total= 483cals / 57g carbs / 18g P

    2 ww breads 140C / 26g carbs
    1 can tuna - 165cals / 30g P
    1 tsp mayo, tomato, lettuce relish

    Total= 305cals / 56gP / 26g carbs

    Salmon / Chicken / Lean steaak
    Veggies (green fibrous)
    2 tbsp olive oil (EFAs) 246 Cals / 28g fat

    Whey shake (w. milk for casein)? (25g Protein)

    If i workout (medical reasons, i cannot, im under medication and i have spasms which could make the weights fall on top of me) i take maltodextrni (high gi carb, 150cals) and whey shake with water.

    Since im not working out, i think this is a good diet. I do abs, and cardio, and workout twice a week, all i want is abs and definition.

    I weigh 87kg / 191 lbs and probably have 10kg to get RIPPED.
    Give me your wise advice. No flames.This diet makes me feel good, (110g carbs) good fat intake, high protein, and lots of water (1gallon). Starting to lose weight already.

    Wise ones, hit me back.

    Critique my diet please
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