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Thread: Stop Lifting

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    Stop Lifting

    I canít lift anymore, nor fallow my diet.I am going to stop until I graduate from my senior year (around 2-3) month. Because itís merely impossible, it seems I donít have time. I come home from school, go to work, then only have around 2 hours to relax or do school work. And on weekends I have to study for the SATs and ASVAB test, its so much pressure on me to graduate with a good GPA, so basically I am going to not lift in till I finish my school, because I do not have time. But I will still be sticking around here.

    Ps: I am not giving up on lifting ( still going to reach my goal around 160 or more); just taking a break so I can get my school out of the way first.
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    good luck,get back into it when you're ready
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    Good call - school first, then lifting. I agree.

    Perspective shift for you, though: I work full time, attend University full time, and still find time to work out. You could probably find time too, but for only two or three months, I wouldn't worry about it.

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    dont worry i will, and thnx for your luck
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    If you need a break, take it. But remember, none of us have time to lift, we make time.

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    Hey, you still got weekends right?

    Anyway definitely stay focused on those SATs. They get weighted quite a bit more than the GPA. Learn all of those stupid little tricks that they throw in.

    Good luck bro. Once you get to college you'll have a boatload of free time (or maybe I'm just doing something wrong).
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    Good luck with your exams!

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    Get done what you need to get done.

    When you have time, do something active - try out a crossfit workout of the day, or go out and run for a while... something. If anything, it will be a good break from all the other work you are doing, and it well help you stay ready for getting back to lifting.
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    instead of sticking around here go to the gym.. maybe

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    How about Pushups, Pullups and Body Squats?
    You don't need a lot of time... but if you drop and do 20 of each, every hour or 2 of studying... you'll probably get a nice energy boost... and keep some strength.

    Try one-arm, one-leg ones too...

    You would be surprised how much maintenance you can do with bodyweight exercises...

    Edit: PS.. I do a lot of traveling - where there are no gyms - or with no time to get to them after 16-20 hour days.. Bodyweight exercises are a blessing while in a hotel room.
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    I agree with bearwolf that you should do some bw exercises .. just to relieve stress if nothing else.

    Another thing, stay on these forums and keep your diet in check. It will make you that much closer to getting on a good routine and attaining your goals once you come back.

    Other than that gl with the exams, god I miss high school ... best time of my life.
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    Sounds like a good opportunity to bulk. Sitting around doing nothing....

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    No one is too busy to workout. Sorry, but it only takes 10-15 minutes to get in an adequate workout, at home, and you can do this 3-4 times a week.

    The journal / I live here.

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